How to create a tropical balcony garden in a windy, partial shade spot (London) in 3 simple steps

Want to create a tropical feel on your balcony but don't know where to start? 

You may live in London, have limited direct sunlight and be in a bit of a windy spot, but there are still ways to create a tropical feel on your balcony. 

Here are some recommended plants that will give you that vibe, for a space that is windy and has partial shade (2-4 hours of direct sunlight per day).

1. Add evergreen shrubs to act as screens to block some of the wind and give you nice green plants to look at all year round.

We love Japanese Spotted Laurel and Euonymus Fortunei. Both have beautiful vibrant leaves. 

2. Add your big tropical statements - big leaves and colour

We love Royal Ferns (Osmunda Regalis), Hydrangea Macrophylla, and Hostas. All of these will give you lots of big bold colour and structure in the warmer months.

3. Add a few smaller plants in balcony railing planters or small pots to continue the tropical theme year-round and even add some gorgeous blooms for the winter.

We love Hart's tongue ferns, Creeping thyme (also great to use in your cooking!), and Helleborus.  

We hope that this is useful and that you have a great time planting your tropical inspired balcony. 

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Happy planting!

Sophie and Pim

The Balconeers


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