5 things to remember when trying to green your outdoor space in the city

Hi everyone, 

So, having been a city-dweller for 10 years now, i must have spent several hundreds of pounds on plants and pots for my various apartments. I've had concrete back gardens, wooden decking, window ledges, a little front door step and now have a balcony. 

I have tried so many different plants and combinations but things always tended to look bitty, cluttered and, to be honest, a bit dead after a while. 

So here are my 5 things that i've learnt about building my green oasis

1. Container planting is a different game. It's a bit harder and making the right choices of plants and pots that will work is more important to get right. 

2. Don't assume that you can grown any plant you like. Your outdoor space however big or small, is in it's own little micro-climate. What works for the neighbours downstairs might not work for you up on the 9th floor. Sunlight and wind can have a big impact on how your plants will survive. Buying the wrong plants can lead to lots of unhappy plants quite quickly and quite a bit of frustration for you! 

3. Thinking about how you use the space helps you to buy the right things. I use my balcony for eating out in the summer months and for having a cup of coffee in the morning with a book if it's sunny the rest of the year. Knowing this, and knowing that I'm in a windy spot, I've chosen to put up screening plants and containers to act as a bit of a wind-break and have ensured that I've left myself a seating area without too many plants so that we can use the space easily when it's nice out. 

4. Think about adding interest all year round. Your outdoor space is probably a space that you look at every day. It might be the view out of your living room or bedroom, or your front door area that you pass multiple times a day. Only buying plants that look good in the summer can make this view pretty depressing the rest of the year. I've found that buying and planting plants that are green and flowering into autumn, through the winter and into spring means that I have lovely things to look at all year. An absolute must when it's all wet and grey concrete, steel and glass outside. 

5. Don't get overwhelmed by all the information out there online and in the garden centres and nurseries. It seems like a daunting task to think about your outdoor space as an area that you need to beautify. But it's easier than you think. Use our basic questionnaire to help you find the right plants and pots for you and your space. We can even deliver them directly to your door. Take the questionnaire at www.thebalconeer.com. It only takes a few minutes!

I hope that this is helpful for you. Do let me know your thoughts and how you've got on building your green oasis in the city! 


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